Communications Resources

Thank you for spreading the word about Journey to Bethany as we seek to create a community of faithful persons dedicated to survivor needs.

Journey to Bethany will marshal the gifts of all the faithful in our diocese in the journey to healing and restoration. All are invited to join the Journey to Bethany community, utilize the resources provided and share your ideas for additional services.

One of the first opportunities for Journey to Bethany to serve our diocese will coincide with the release of a documentary filmed in Kansas City, called Procession. The Office of Child and Youth Protection assisted the film crew on location in 2019. The film features six adult survivors of clergy sexual abuse, some of whom are from our diocese, as they revisit their experiences as a form of therapy. It will be released on Netflix on November 19.

We expect the film to have an impact on individuals in our parishes and that we will be called upon to respond to questions about the film and to provide care and comfort. Journey to Bethany and the Office of Child and Youth Protection are working together to provide resources for survivors and their families, pastoral ministers, pastors and all those harmed by this issue.


Toolkit updated as of November 12, 2021