Dear Survivor,

We have not forgotten you, your family, your friends or others harmed by clergy sexual abuse. The harm caused from sexual abuse is profound, and the scars left can last a lifetime. For years, many in our church did not take responsibility for that harm, thus leaving those who were abused to suffer alone.

Sadly, many harmed in decades past are not with us now to hear our call.  We want you to know the concern we feel for you and for our entire diocesan church community, also forever changed by your pain and suffering.

Journey to Bethany was started by those in our diocese who wanted to see more accountability to and healing for those who were abused. Reflecting on this vision, Bishop Johnston offered the name Journey to Bethany. The village of Bethany was a place not far from Jerusalem where Jesus would find peace with his friends, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Bethany was also a place of resurrection for Lazarus.

In the same way Jesus found restoration and healing among his friends in Bethany, we are creating a community that will accompany survivors and their families. We recognize how difficult it can be to make a phone call or send an email about how sexual abuse affected your life, even when you are seeking healing. We invite you to reach out to us as partners to accompany you in addressing the wounds you still have. Please know that people of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph care about what happened and are committed to you.


Maura Nulton, Kansas City MO
Carnie Nulton, Kansas City, MO
Regina Staves, Kansas City, MO
Bishop James V. Johnston, Jr., Kansas City-St. Joseph, MO
Fr. Greg Haskamp, Kansas City, MO
Mark Bauman, Kansas City, MO
Fr. Paul Turner, Kansas City, MO
Whitney True-Francis, Kansas City, MO
Michelle Reichart, Kansas City, MO
Don Stubbings, Leavenworth, KS
Richard Murphy, Kansas City, MO
Fr. Ernie Davis, Kansas City, MO

Jim Cacamo, Kansas City, MO
Fr. Joseph Cisetti, Parkville, MO
Jennifer Prusa, Kansas City, MO
Carrie Cooper, Kansas City, MO
Joan Patterman Barrett, Kansas City, MO
Co Bauman, Kansas City, MO
Christen Cota, Kansas City, MO
Frank Uryas, Belton, MO
Fr. Ken Riley, Kansas City, MO
Paula Kaempffer, Ramsay, MN
Lorie Sage, Kansas City, MO
Becky Turner, Kansas City, MO
Katherine Brown, Odessa, MO


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